2022-2023 Opening Day Message from Principal Filippi

Dear PACK Family,
Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!  I am thrilled to embark on what is gearing up to be the BEST year we have EVER had, and the most "normal" since 2018-2019.  While COVID-19 is not gone, many of the restrictive protocols have been lightened.  Students no longer need daily health screeners to enter the building and masks remain optional.  Our students will be walking into classrooms with desks set up in small groups so that they can engage in conversations and deep levels of discourse, work together on projects and grow their social emotional intelligences.  Students will continue to eat breakfast in the classroom and lunch will be served in our cafeteria with recess taking place outside in the open air when the weather permits.
Last year we continued to persevere against all odds.  Our teachers and staff used data to meet students where they were and lifted them up, getting them back to where they needed to be through a ton of individualized and small group instruction.  This work is certainly not over!  Therefore this year we will continue on this path, using data from screeners and classroom assessments to guide our work. We will place an emphasis on teaching students to embrace self-efficacy so that they can flex their grit and power through challenges.  We want for our children to be able to set goals for themselves, work toward those goals and then CRUSH them! This year we will push our children to new heights!
This year we are excited to continue to enrich the PACK experience through field trips, community service projects, spirit days, kindness projects, student led goal setting and conferences, as well as creative programming of events such as:
After school and morning programs for our ENL and SWD students, Debate Club, Civics Club, Chorus, The PACK "Paw"parazzi , Student Council, Monthly School wide Social and Emotional Foci activities, Fall Festival, Winter and Spring Festivals, Senior Activities, Spirit Days, and many more surprises to come.
I truly couldn’t be more proud of what we have managed to accomplish over the last two years despite many bumps in the road, and I am beyond excited to take flight on this year's journey with all of you.
Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do to support your children at home, and as always, thank you for trusting us to give your children the best educational experience possible!  
I can't wait to see you all Back at The PACK Thursday Morning.  Enjoy the long weekend!
With Appreciation Always,
Mr. G. Filippi