Opening Day Message from Principal Filippi

Hello PACK Families,

I hope this post finds you all well and just as excited as we are to see you and your children tomorrow. The first day or days of school always bring with them excitement about meeting new teachers and seeing old friends.  The first day for new PACK members brings with it excitement and sometimes nerves about meeting new friends and seeing new teachers.  This year we are welcoming back students who have been remote for the last 15 months and that can also bring with it some different feelings and emotions.  I promise that my staff and I will be there for every student to support their transition, diminish any fears or nerves they, or you as the families may be having, and to create an exciting, welcoming and affirming, and academically supportive learning environment for all PACK members.
I cannot wait to see you all tomorrow morning!
Have a great Evening!
Humbly Yours,
G. Filippi