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PS91Q's Mission Statement

The mission of P.S. 91Q is to ensure that its students will all be college and career ready as they move on to the next phase of education by individualizing instruction to meet the needs and styles of all of our students in accordance with Next Generation Standards.  School-wide analysis of data through collaborative inquiry team meetings will help us to fully understand the areas of support needed for each individual child.  This will foster an environment where our diverse population of students, as well as the students with special needs, and limited English proficient students will be educated equitably and met at individualized points of access.  We utilize various methodologies to encourage student-led inquiry amongst one another, which will support critical thinking and decision making skills.  In addition, we will continue to use staff developments to enhance and grow within our own instructional practices, as well as frequent observations and feedback cycles supported by "The Danielson Framework for Teaching" to ensure the effectiveness of instruction.  We will continue to include parents in the education of their children by expanding parent workshops and encouraging parental involvement at every turn to support and reinforce the learning process. Our philosophy is that all children will learn when provided with appropriate, engaging instruction in a rigorous, individualized, and nurturing environment.  We must believe this and provide them with the knowledge and skills to perform at high levels, and to become leaders for the future.